Matt Winson Share Live Performance Of Their Zen-Inducing Folk Single “Medea”

Sonic sanctuary.

Photo: Jos van den Broek

Dutch/Latvian folk quartet, Matt Winson, share their live performance of “Medea” where they combine folk modalities with jazz orchestration. The harmonic texture of “Medea” is a stomp-and-clap one that is irresistible to sing along. Embracing both the indie pop rhythm and folk elements, Matt Winson builds a warm sanctuary for us where the twinkling guitar strings and lilting tune helps us get into our own Zen mode. Not to mention the impressive and raw performance prowess of the four-piece:

Comprised of Matthijs Steur, Pieter van Winsen, Thomas van Winsen, and Magnuss Baugis, Matt Winson formed when Matthijs met Pieter and started jamming together. Since then, the band has grown to what it is today. The quartet debuted their EP Glowing Eyes back in July 205, which led them to international tour, radio plays, and sold-out shows. “Medea” is the follow up of their record Woodfalls, which was released back in February 2017. The single has already spread like wild fire in Spotify’s New Music Friday playlists across Europe inlcluding France, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, and many more.

As of now, the quartet hasn’t shared new tour dates. Meanwhile, check out Woodfalls: