Sway Clarke’s “Either Way” Goes Out To Everyone Who Feels Stuck AF

Mind-funking trip hop.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Toronto-born, Berlin-based artist Sway Clarke takes us into a mind-stretching trip hop expedition into feeling stuck as fuck in his new single “Either Way.” Built on syncopated structure that hemorrhages frisson-coated synths, “Either Way” is an exquisite and sleek piece that takes you from low to high intensity of your emotions. Lyrically, it is about being emotionally incapable of leaving a destructive relationship but the concept can be applied to any self-damaging part of your life. Like Flaming Hot Cheetos. You know they’re burning your esophagus and stomach linings, but you just can’t stop. Watch his COLORS session below:

“‘Either Way’ is just about having options, but still feeling stuck as fuck. It’s like when you find out your partners been peeping your homie, and as mad as you want to get you know you ain’t leaving them. A tragic beauty. ” shared Sway Clarke.

The single marks a new beginning for Sway Clarke, who left a major label to exercise his creative muscles even more. While he hasn’t announced any upcoming record or tour dates yet, expect to hear more ambitious materials from Sway in 2018.