Brush & Floss Your Eardrums With DNTST’s “One Sided” Ft. Dave Thomas Jr & Emma Sameth

Teeth-refreshing EDM.

Graphic: Ray Florant

Often times EDM tends to dump us with mysterious producers like Marshmello. DNTST falls into that category by keeping his identity batman-level mysterious while fighting shitty music and mood through booty-shaking beats. It’s not all fist-pumping melody, but one that also conveys emotions and narrative. His latest single, “One Sided,” features the hit-worthy vocals of UK singer Dave Thomas Jr. and Emma Sameth where both interchangeably tap into the concept of misunderstanding. Comprised of dark undertones, “One Sided” is both dance worthy but also one that is appropriate for solo broody sessions. Stream below:

“It’s a song about misunderstanding…I like to think there’s a thread of hope there. It’s about how things aren’t how they seem. Sometimes it can feel like you’re giving everything to someone and not getting anything in return, and the other person is thinking exactly the same thing. So it’s a song about misunderstanding and expression. We’ve got to talk and listen more!” explained Dave Thomas Jr.

DNTST is based in California and is currently on his second year at dental school. That’s all we know. He also wants you to floss.

Photo: Courtesy of Liberty Music PR


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