Illyin Pipes Takes Us On The Verge Of Breakdown In “Daylight Confidant”

“I’m a lonely Holy Spirit / Think I lost it”

Photo: Courtesy of Illyin Pipes

Toronto-based duo Illyin Pipes takes us to the thin line between sanity and insanity in their new single “Daylight Confidant” – a slo-mo indietronic piece that is coated with dense layers of synths and breathy atmospherics. The track feels like journeying through the mind of someone who is slowly losing it deep inside while keeping the most chill demeanor to the outside world. Stream below:

“The song was written after a blurry night spent consoling a friend who was falling apart, while masking my own breakdown.” shared vocalist Jill Harris.

“Daylight Confidant” is from the duo’s debut EP Spaces, which will be out on February 2018.