Kayobe’s “Sun Don’t Shine” Is For Those Who Suffer Vitamin D Deficiency

Slow, dark electronica.

Photo: Courtesy of Kayobe

It is that time of the year – there is less sunlight (especially if you live in a country that practices daylight saving, the most useless shit) and you crave for a comforting electronica track that can understand your Seasonal Affective Disorder. Fortunately, Toronto-based artist Kayobe has captured the moodiness and slow death of sun during the harsh days of winter or rain in his new single “Sun Don’t Shine” featuring the hauntingly crispy vocals of Olive B. Exuding the ominous vibe we get knowing that the sun will go down, “Sun Don’t Shine” is a welcoming melancholic piece that hugs your broody side. Sometimes, you just want a song to stop sugarcoating the reality with starry-eyed bullshit lyrics and chant the reality you live in – this is just that:

“My new single ‘Sun Don’t Shine’ started as you can imagine: on a rainy day. I came back to my home studio after writing the day off otherwise and started messing around. Eventually I came up with the beat, which was inspired by minimal dark electronic and hip hop influences.” shared Kayobe.

We don’t know much about Kayobe except that he may be suffering from Vitamin D deficiency and has an epic beard.