Luca Bash – Keys Of Mine

Album Rating: 8.1 – Intimate folk & jazz record

Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Keys of Mine is Luca Bash’s first release since his critically acclaimed CMYK project, which comprised of four acoustic EPs that were released back in 2015. Bash, who is currently based in Italy, released Keys of Mine back in September 7th of this year via the Independent label. The 15-track record is a fusion of folk and alternative rock sound.

In the opening track “Backstage,” Lucas Bash takes us into his creative mind as he prepares to “feed my soul by singing what I am.” Adding a splash of saxophone on top of the midtempo string-powered tune, Lucas takes us into the intersection between jazz and folk. He continues this genre crossover in the next track “Beyond The Screen” where the sax keeps accompanying him. Perhaps the highlight of the jazz and folk crossover is “The Sun’s Everlasting Smile” where Bash embellishes the rhythm with trimmings of pop.

“Paradise Cafè” is one that is built on pure folk elements of gliding strings and drum thumps. Luca takes a notch up by polishing his soundscape with edgy rock elements in the following track “Forever Like Asleep.” Chanting for the desire of keeping his loved one in a permanent state, “Forever Like Asleep” is a wistful confession built on a dreamy atmosphere. But Luca Bash does not limit his role as a starry-eyed persona towards women in his record – he addresses women’s rights in “Women’s Way (Nu Shu)” where he starts off with a smoky, slow-burning beginning and takes off by singing for freedom.

Bringing back the rock elements, Bash also taps into the dark side of love in “Fair White Lies” where it is lead by electric guitar strings and sax interludes that yield a dense, rich tune. What follows, “Black Swan’s Walls,” has the most hooky beginning with its glimmering chords that immediately inject you with feistiness.

There are introspective and mindful instances when Luca abandons the upbeat tune for a more bare soundscape and low-tempo such as “Your Tomorrow” and “Jekyll & Hyde.” Especially in the latter track, Bash lets the sax glide its listeners into the broodiness. He continues this concept of broken love in his string-powered “Crumblin’ Lover.” However, the preceding track is one that is completely different – “Millennium Idiot” is glazed with elements of pop where Bash opens space for dance-inducing beats.

In the denouement tracks, “In My Place” and “Love And Lust,” Bash tunes down and grounds his listeners mood into a peaceful one before he surprises them with the buoyant tone of “Upwind.” It is a feel-good exit track that calls for savoring the splashy cymbals, intricate guitar strings, and bouncy chords. While Keys Of Mine might not be a record for the general audience, it seamlessly blends jazz and folk elements that taps into personal to universal themes.

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