Cosmic Pop & Soul Mate Gracefully In NoMBe’s “Sex”

Nothing but love beats in here.

Photo: Brando

German born, LA-based artist NoMBe gives us a lesson on incarnate love in his new soul-fused cosmic pop single “Sex.” As the title implies, it is a steamy track that dissects the intimacy and chemistry that take place when you get close to someone in the most vulnerable and unfiltered physical form. Let’s learn about sex:

“As the name suggests, ‘Sex’ is an ode to our highest form of physical affection. It is a narrative and also description of everything surrounding ‘her’ and I. This Channel Orange inspired song originally began as a very stripped-down deep-house track. Over time and after many shows performing the original arrangement I decided to go back to halftime and give the song the home I felt it deserved. It had so many lyrics that I had to make a poem out of the one’s that didn’t make the song and it became the albums opening title. Who know’s one day I might release the original demo, but for now, here’s ‘Sex’”

Throughout 2017, NoMBe has been releasing monthly singles and “Sex” is one bold and delicate track that wraps up everything and sets the bar high for his debut record They Might’ve Even Loved Me, which will be out in January 2018. Having toured with Alt-J and played a sold-out show at The Echo (Los Angeles), NoMBe has made his mark in the R&B scene in 2017. He has one last show coming up for this year:

12/31 – SnowGlobe Music Festival (South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA)