Keep Your Endorphins Drunk With New Portals’ “Sober”

You can get drunk with happiness from a sober song.

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

New Portals goes sober, both melodically and thematically, in their new video “Sober” where the mesmeric and ringing vocals of Ruth Aicken take over your ears as the minimalistic instruments add a rhythmic splash to the background. The video feels like watching a kaleidoscopic party where Ruth gets drenched in the neon lights. Even though the song is about not needing substances to have fun, the video’s chromatic visuals and transcending mood triggers the placebo effect of drunkenness. Watch below:

“‘Sober’ is about your ‘desert island friend’, the friend where you would be perfectly entertained if you were stuck on a desert island with them. No need for external help to have fun, ‘Sober’ is a celebration of this type of bond that we all need.” explained New Portals.

“Sober” is from New Portals’ new EP, Golden Hour, which has already received strong support from BBC radio, major press, and playlists. Expect to hear more New Portals bangers in 2018.


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