The New Division Sends Us Cinematic New Waves Via “Fader”

Sound from the cosmos and Depeche Mode spirits.

Photo: @bradakinnan

LA-based artist The New Division ignites the new wave soundscape with galactic pop that reminds you of the likes such as Depeche Mode and Joy Division. There are tints of darkness to it, but also an otherworldly buoyancy that transcends beyond emotions. In his new single “Fader,” The New Division creates mind-stretching sounds where he creates his own universe out of beats. The clashing synths and fizzling ambience jettison your mind int a timeless state where the echoing ahhs of The New Division raises your goosebumps. Stream below:

“I wrote ‘Fader’ after having a dream about a film I’d seen when I was just a kid. I don’t remember what the film’s name was but I recall the imagery vividly and decided to write a song about it. I’ve been searching for that film for years and hopefully one day will find it, but until then the song and my memory will have to suffice.” shared The New Division.

John Glenn Kunkel is the mastermind behind The New Division who has been already making buzz across international media with his retro, new wave sound. “Fader” is from his upcoming EP with the same title, which will be released in the near future.