Aaron Taos’ “Twisted” Is About How Love Can Murder Your IQ Score

“You got me twisted”

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

For people who have experienced a negative correlation between their IQs and love, then Aaron Taos’ new synthrock single “Twisted” speaks for them. Using hooky loops and dance-inducing thumps, “Twisted” exudes the edgy rush of rock and rhythmic energy of pop making it the perfect track for parties, gym, and daydreaming. Aaron Taos channels a similar energy to DNCE and Maroon 5, but stands out with his subtly gritty and ringing voice. Stream below:

“‘Twisted’ is about how stupid we can get when we’re interested in someone. It’s not a revolutionary concept, but it’s the idea of feeling high when you’re in the presence of that person and not being able to think clearly/act normally. I.e. bumbling, rambling, tripping, and fumbling when you see them and start to get that young love head rush” explained Aaron.

The Brooklyn-based newcomer has already made buzz in major outlets and is preparing to release his EP next year. Stay tuned for more Aaron Taos goodness in 2018.