Andrew Applepie & Bjurman Capture The Melancholia Of Life’s Changes In “Waltz Of Despair”

“Let go of my hands”

Photo: Courtesy of The Playground

With a slow-burning vibe backed with gleaming samples and warm synths, Andrew Applepie creates an emotionally charged and introspective soundscape in “Waltz of Despair.” The German electronic producer uses intricate arrangements to create light and buoyant atmosphere where Swedish songstress Bjurman radiates the pains and sacrifices that come with life changes. Stream below:

“‘Waltz of Despair’ mirrors the end of an era in life. The struggle to move on as the past is yet present. The line “Let go of my hands” is a metaphor for any kind of release after an imprisonment. Also I love the scenery, a waltz of despair through the ashes and flames in a burning room, it’s so bittersweet and beautiful somehow.” shared Sandra Bjurman.

“I just wanted to add to Sandra’s theme of changes in life by emphasizing the beauty and melancholy that comes with them. When you step a way for a second and reminisce about how life is moving on and you let go of some things and gain some new perspectives and you’re happy and a little sad at the same time.” explained Andrew.

Following their successful collaboration, “Drowning World” (which amassed 1.7 million views), the duo wraps up the year with the perfect bittersweet electropop that speaks to the emotional ambiguity we often feel around this time. The track is available worldwide via Mr Suicide Sheep’s label Seeking Blue Records.