Forget Love Songs – Moise’s “Bad Attitude” Is The Chill Fling Song You Need

The beauty of short-lived romances.

Minnesota-based soul artist Moise takes us into the biting bliss that we get high with in his fling song “Bad Attitude.” No, it’s not a love song – “Bad Attitude” captures the glorious and temporary emotional buoyancy we experience that is very similar to love. Minus commitment. Built on a laid back cadence, the crooning voice of Moise and multi-vocal choruses make “Bad Attitude” a lighthearted track where we see the beauty of short-lived relationships:

“It’s a track that serves as an all to familiar position that we have all experienced, a summer love or fling. I channeled some inspiration from John Mayer and Marvin Gaye, to give this sensual moment that we all go through but in a fun loving, laid back manner.” shared Moise.

“Bad Attitude” is from Moise’s upcoming EP, which will be out in March 2018. You probably heard of Moise’s debut single “Wildflower,” which already accumulated 100k views on YouTube. As of now, he is planning to release another single in early 2018 before dropping his EP, so stay tuned.