Elan Noon Soundtracked Your Relationship With Your Imaginary Friend In “Could It Be”

Chill, jazz pop from the indie waters.

Photo: Rachael Duranti

Canadian jazz/indie pop crafter Elan Noon nails the relationship you have with your imaginary friend in his new single “Could It Be.” Taking off with distorted samples and twinkling synths that smoothly flow into a mellow pulse, Elan’s megaphoned and fuzzy voice takes you into the deepest parts of your daydream corners. The gauze-like melodic structure takes you floating into a mind-numbing state where you start contemplating your personal relationship with your imaginary friend. How long has it been since you two spoke? Reconnect by streaming the track below:

Elan Noon’s actual name is Keenan Mittag-Degala, who seems to keep a low online profile at the  time. He also plays the percussion in the band Jons and aims to make music that is “listened to in a consumable, digestible way.” The single is from his debut record Have A Spirit Filled, which will be out on January 26 via Field Mates Records.