Mason Summit Melts Folk & Gritty Rock With “Stick It Out”

It will stick to your ears.

Photo: Mason Summit

Mason Summit is one songwriter/singer who could make a living out of translating all the shit that you go through in your early adulthood with the exact, right words. The 21-year-old musician from Santa Monica writes folksy, rock songs that feel like the melted sound of Elliott Smith, Tame Impala, and The Beach Boys. With sharp lyrics and slithering chords, his single “Stick It Out” captures the burning hunger for truth we carry that often can cost our own sanity. Whether you pride yourself with or feel victimized by this desire, “Stick It Out” is a mutual soundscape where we can all chill in:

“Stick It Out” is from Mason’s upcoming fourth record Summer Cold, which will be out on January 19th. Mason, who currently studies at USC Thornton School of Music (FTFO), will be embarking on his first Cali tour along with his fellow student and collaborator, Irene Greene, this winter. So if you happen to be in Cali this winter, go check him out:

12/15 – The Bistro (Hayward, CA, USA)

12/16 – Armadillo Music (Davis, CA, USA)

12/17 – Make-Out Room (San Francisco, CA, USA)

12/18 – Morro Bay Wine Seller (Morro Bay, CA, USA)

12/29 – Bang the Drum Brewery (San Luis Obispo, CA, USA)

12/20 – The Satellite (Los Angeles, CA, USA)