Matt Winson’s “C.A.L.M.” Will Help You Hibernate Your Anxiety This Winter

Bluesy folk for sweater weather.

Photo: Courtesy of V2 Records

Dutch indie/folk quartet, Matt Winson, has shared the live performance of their track “C.A.L.M” – a bluesy piece of folk pop where the drips of piano and warm laid back tune matches your mood to hibernate. It is the type of track where you’ll be playing incessantly during Xmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, when you need a comforting track that helps you digest all the 2017 shitshow and reassure you that 2018 might be calmer. Watch below:

Recorded at Moon Studios, the video is the follow up of their latest single “Medea.” Matt Winson became an international sensation after debuting their album Woodfallss, which led to sold-out shows and tour across the globe including the Baltic States and Netherlands.