Surma’s “Plass” Is A Visual Odyssey Into Carnal Texture

Suspenseful crossover between the concrete and the abstract.

Photo: Surma – Plass YouTube

Portuguese artist Surma takes our senses and expectations to another level with her new video “Plass” – a visually mind-swallowing film that delineates the different textures of the human body and skin. The intense ambience and aerated synths leaves you suspending in a climactic moment as you watch Surma covered in different textures. What makes this video a mind-dazzling one is how it manipulates concrete elements such as texture to create an abstract representation of the physical. Directed by Casota Collective, it will stay with you for days:

In regards to the inspiration for the video, the Casota Collective commented “the skin and the body act as a ground for textures and visual experiences which translates the poetic soundscapes of Antwerp.”

“Plass” is from Surma’s debut LP, Antwerpen, which she released back in November of this year. The LP has been making waves across the media, making her as one of the most avant-garde artists to watch. Surma is currently on tour now:

Europe 2017 tour

12/15 – CAE (Porto Alegre, Portugal)

12/16 – She (Evora, Portugal)

12/22 – Teatro José Lúcio da Silva (Leiria, Portugal)

Europe 2018 tour

1/13 – Casa das Artes Famalicāo (Braga, Portugal)