TWIMM Takes Us Into An Existential Flow In His New Single “Blame”

Cozy pop

End of the year always nudges us into our own existential corner to reflect on every macro and micro parts that make up our daily existence. And what better way to do it than with a laid back, reflective song that can gives us the time and space to shuffle through our intentions. Danish artist TWIMM has recently unveiled his new single “Blame” where he calmly and soothingly lets you swim through your own thoughts with his whispery, high pitch vocals. The gleaming synths and piano taps give us a comforting ambience to find our own mental peace. Stream below:

“With respect for each other and the future, we can have the best intentions and a great desire to make it beautiful to succeed – to give something valuable further. We will likely do our best to make this happen, which may mean giving up the thought and imagination of how the perfect life would be lived.” shared TWIMM.

Formerly known as INDIANS/Soren Juul, Twimm is embarking on a new sonic journey with his new moniker. “Blame” is from his upcoming EP, which will be out next year.