Audio Dope Will Take You “Floating” To Doomed Paradise

Dark electro bliss with a pinch of omen.

Photo: Janick Zebrowski

Rising Swiss producer Audio Dope has the raddest moniker – but on top of that, he possesses dexterity when it comes to hopscotching your mood between doomful euphoria and heavenly dreamscape. His single “Floating” is what electronic heaven in a dystopian future sounds like: meditative and psychedelic that takes you from limbering beats to flooding ones. There’s a splash of dark undertone that stays throughout the whole track that is hard to ignore – it sounds ominous and feels like it’s being transmitted from another dimension. This track is what experiencing apocalypse while on psychedelics feels like – you know it’s wrong, but you can’t help indulging in it:

Audio Dope made waves with his debut EP Solar, which he released back in November 2015 and garnered various radio plays. “Floating” is from his debut record that will be out in February 2018. But expect a second single to drop next month.