You Didn’t Fully Graduate From School Until You’ve Dosed Vilde’s Album ‘Study / Dance’

Cus learning is all about studying/dancing.

Photo: Liam Wharton

Melbourne-born, Stockholm-based Thomas Savage has the raddest legal last name. Ever. Anyways, his solo project Vilde is a unicorn in the experimental/indietronica scene. By crafting neuron-massaging beats that stand in the sweet spot between chilling and being productive, Vilde’s new album Study / Dance is perfect for two opposite occasions. Listening to his album is like…drinking matcha (that sounds so LA). Instead of sending your energy to the peaking point and letting it crash down at a neck-breaking speed, he gradually takes you to different stages. And that’s what makes his new record Study / Dance a masterpiece – it helps you stay productive and at the same time keeps you grounded:

Vilde has recently finished touring across UK, Sweden, and Germany. He hasn’t announced any new show dates yet.