Sam F & JVZEL “On My Way” Is The Answer To Your Future Bass & Dance Prayers

You prayed hard.

Photo: Sam F Facebook

If you need a kick of adrenaline to hit the dancefloor, gym, or just improve your mood in general, Sam F and JVZEL collab “On My Way” is the solution. Covered with all the rhythmic trimmings of pop, “On My Way” is a sleek combo between future bass and electronic music that hits you right into your reward center. Some songs take their time to grow on you – this one just sticks to you immediately and spreads like the bubonic plague…in a good way:

Sam F is a rising producer who hails from Berkeley, California and is mostly known for his 2014 viral song “When Will The Bass Drop” for SNL skit. Since then he has been playing at major music festivals and releasing various originals/singles.