Marcos Naide Taps Into The Human Condition In His Album ‘On Top’

Meet the folk/garage rocker from Argentina.

Photo: Marcos Naide Facebook

Marcos Naide looks like a hybrid of Kurt Vile and John Mayer – he preserves the raw aura of folk roots in his strings, but also exudes the bluesy presence while rocking his stories out. The musician/producer from Argentina released his record On Top back in September this year and it is a journey through the human condition. Taking us to different stories and emotional hurdles, Marcos helps us dissect ur own inner psyche while splashing our ears with nostalgic sounds. Stream the entire album below:

“Every song of the album is connected in a way. Each song has a main character in trouble and although each acts in a different way, the common thread is that in the end, each seeks to overcome the issue” explained Marcos.

Marcos started working on his debut album back in 2013 with the producer Fracisco De Bortoli. His first single from the album, which he released this year, landed in various Spotify playlists and has been making waves in press across the world. As of now, Marcos is currently working on his second record.