Chloe Bodur Takes Us To The “Glory” Of Vulnerability

Neo-soul jazz

Photo: Courtesy of LPR Agency

Hailing from North West London, Chloe Bodur lays out her emotions in their raw state in her new neo-soul jazz single “Glory,” which was produced by UK chart-topping producer, JD.Reid (Mabel, Katy B, Sinead Harnett). It is a slow-burning, smoky track that has subtle undertones of seductiveness to it, but there is also a lingering sense of loneliness that is hard to ignore. Tapping into the notion of vulnerability and wanting love, Chloe unapologetically embraces the hopeless romanticism we all secretly have:

“It was originally written as a poem about youth trying to find love in themselves and in others and how one correlates with the other” explained Chloe.

The 19-year-old songstress comes from a mixed heritage background and has been seamlessly blending different influences in her sound. Listling Billie Holiday, Frank Ocean, and Quincey Jones, as some of her inspirations, Chloe studied music in Brighton and was picked up by QM Records after playing her first gig with her band. As of now, she hasn’t shared any new show dates yet.