Album Alert: Ida Long Drops ‘Rainbows & Tears’ In UK & Ireland

80s synthpop meets dream pop

Photo: Courtesy of COMEDIA

Swedish indie poptress, Ida Long, takes us into a cinematographic and poetic soundscape in her new record, Rainbows & Tears, which she released in UK and Ireland to kick off 2018. The record has already received critical acclaim from international media for its kooky composition that brings together 80s pop vintage sound and contemporary dream pop. It is hauntingly sleek – cure your New Year’s hangover with this:

Ida Long started her solo career in 2010 and has worked with an extensive list of international artists. Her version of Tears for Fears’ track “Mad World” was featured in Mad Men’s trailers. Ida has toured around the world and studied dance from renowned choreographers from Top Model and Cirque du Soleil. As of now, she is currently working on her next album that is scheduled to be released later this year.