Blaudzun’s “_Hey Now” Is Spreading Like Wildfire In Netherlands’ Radio

_Alternative pop

Photo: Blaudzun Facebook

Dutch singer Blaudzun helps us cure our 2017 hangover and refuel our motivation for 2018 with his new single “_Hey Now.” It’s the type of breathtaking ambient pop that flutters and bursts at the same time, reminiscent of old Coldplay. The keyboard taps and chords incessantly build up, constantly keeping you suspended in a mood-buoying state. “_Hey Now” feels like a kick to your consciousness where Blaudzun’s chest-pounding vocals refuels you with the reminder to live in the moment and never give up. Stream below:

“_Hey Now” is from Blaudzun’s upcoming record, which he hasn’t revealed any release dates yet. Originally from Netherlands, Blaudzun became one of the top leading artists in Dutch alternative scene with his widely acclaimed album Heavy Flowers. Since then he has toured across Europe and US, played sold out shows, and won the Best Male Artist at the Dutch Edison Awards (Dutch Grammys). “_Hey Now” is already being played on rotation at NPO Radio 2, the biggest radio station in Netherlands. As of now, Bludzun hasn’t shared new tour dates yet.