KWAYE’s “Lost In My Boots” Is Chill R&B About The Lust That Made You Lose

When your common sense was murdered by love.

Photo: KWAYE Facebook

R&B singer KWAYE taps into the blindness and emotional intelligence massacre that love can cause in his new single “Lost In My Boots.” Although lyrically the song chants about someone who has clouded your brain and made you ignore all the red flags, “Lost In My Boots” can equally be about something that made you lose your common sense. The fumes of bluesy synths and downtempo beats open up an introspective space where KWAYE’s high pitch, slithery vocals shuffle through the damage of your lust’s (or love’s) aftermath. Stream below:

KWAYE is a Zimbabwean singer currently based in Los Angeles. He released his debut EP, Solar, back in July 25, 2017 and includes the widely acclaimed singles “Sweetest Life.” As of now, no tour dates yet.