Chris Webby’s ‘Wednesday’ Sums Up All The World’s Sh*t Storm

“I threw the newest iPhone out the f*ckin window because that sh*t was named X”

Photo: Chris Webby Facebook

Connecticut-based emcee and ninja turtle, Chris Webby, sums up the entire shit storm that has been spreading like the bubonic plague in the past few years with his album Wednesday. From macroscopic dilemmas (politics, rape, racism) to microscopic ones (existentialism), Chris roasts everything and everyone with a graceful dexterity. The opener, “Raw Thoughts,” sets the unfiltered and daring tone of the record where he calls out celebs, politicians, and shitty rappers. It is a cathartic track that helps you alleviate the frustration your wrestle daily. But Wednesday is no purely a political album, Chris takes us gliding into the dancefloor with tracks such as “Call on Me” and goes into an introspective mode in “University of Life” ft. Madi Wolf. Stream below:

Chis Webby has already released various mixtapes, EPs, and worked with many artists including Mac Miller, Freeway, Tech N9ne, and Kid Ink. He debuted his album Chemically Imbalanced back on October 27, 2014. Wednesday is the follow up record and was released back in December 20, 2017. Right now, he has show dates coming up:

Australia 2018 tour

1/24 – Oxford Art Factory (Sydney, Australia)

1/25 – Woolly Mammoth (Brisbane, Australia)