Gemini Rising Brings 80s Nocturnal Vibe In Their EP ‘After The Rain’

Red velvet churro aficionados who also happen to songsculpt 80s synthpop.

Photo: Gemini Rising Facebook

Los Angeles/Berlin trio, Gemini Rising, tele-transports us to an underground club in the 80s with their EP After The Rain. Utilizing nocturnal melancholia with dark disco elements, Gemini Rising crafts a hauntingly irresistible groove that reignites your dancing soul. Enjoy the EP below:

Comprised of Fiora Cutler, Lester Mendez, and Marco Niemerski, the trio met in LA and decided to form Gemini Rising out of their mutual love for music and red velvet churro. They debuted their self-titled EP back in June 9, 2017 and released After The Rain in September 15, 2017.