R&B Joins The Dark Side Of Indietroica In Geller’s “Every Girl” Ft. Lil Curry

A song about hedonistic femme fatale

Photo: Geller Facebook

LA-based, 17-year-old producer Geller crafts a style that is a crossover between Flume and The Weeknd. His newest track, “Every Girl” ft. Lil Curry, is an upbeat and dark indietronic piece that washes you with hair-raising synths. Lyrically, the song describes a femme fatale who possesses a seductive hedonism that people often fall for and Geller translates that mesmeric aura by crafting a bluesy, buoyant ambience. Stream below:

Austin Geller is the mastermind behind Geller who, as far as we know, enjoys songsculpting and is unsigned for now. He may or may not like food trucks. Speaking of food trucks, someone out there (yes, we are talking to YOU computer nerd) please invent an app to track food trucks around the area. We’ve put man on the moon, tracking food trucks shouldn’t be that hard for food’s sake.