Cool Off Your Neurons With MetronOhm’s New Groovy Single “Wabi Sabi (Can’t Complain)” Ft. Teddy Roxpin

Groovy R&B

Photo: MetronOhm Facebook

Aside from alleviating 2017 hangover, we’re all left to deal with 2018’s initial round of shit storm – whether that’s in politics or personal, life doesn’t seems to give us a break. That’s why MetronOhm released a new single, just for YOU, so you can take a moment and ground yourself. “Wabi Sabi (Can’t Complain)” ft. Teddy Roxpin feels like a breather more than a song – within the first seconds listening to it, you’re immediately drawn into this chillvana state where the buoyant rhythm and ambience carries you away from external chaos. Not to mention how the soft, whispery vocals of Annabelle Maginnis provides a playful comfort. Stream below:

MetronOhm is an LA duo comprised of Annabelle Maginnis and Kofi Asare-Aboagye who started songsculpting back in 2016. The duo released their EP Matter back in May 2017. “Wabi Sabi” is the duo’s latest single and collaboration with producer Teddy Roxpin and Rachel White. It is also a taste of their upcoming EP, which is due later this year. As of now, they have a show date coming up:

1/10 – Bottom Of The Hill (San Francisco, CA, USA)