Deltaburst’s New EP ‘Star Collide’ Is What Aliens Listen When Throwing Galactic Parties

House, disco, funk, and cosmic pop collision.

Photo: Courtesy of Newbeat Agency

Danish duo Deltaburst is opening up 2018 with a new EP titled Star Collide and it’s the type of hodgepodge record that you can imagine aliens blasting while throwing a massive party in their UFOs. The duo crafts an ambitious soundscape where the shooting synths and soaring ambience of the melody serve as emotional catalysts. The opener, “House On Fire,” Deltaburst rockets us immediately into a climactic momentum on the dancefloor where the bursting beats and processed vocals build an intense euphoria. The following track, “Wanders of the Night” is a sleeker and a bit more grounded track that embraces our inner nocturnal spirits. A lot of the songs celebrate darkness, but not the emotional aspect. In their songs, the darkness from the night and universe provides the infinite possibility of living to the fullest (“Crazy Tonight”). If you want to YOLO beyond earth, this is the EP for you:

Comprised of Lasse and Tobias, Deltaburst started back in 2014 and are largely influenced by electronic bands such as Digitalism, Spleen United and Breakbot. The band started making waves across Europe shortly after they started uploading their songs online and did their first support tour in Germany in 2015. Since then, they debuted their EP in 2016 and have toured in Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland. As of now, Deltaburst is preparing to release their album and will be announcing show dates soon.