Ferris & Sylvester Soundtracked The Pain Of Being An Urban Prey In “London Blues”

Folk pop for the urban victims.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Adapting into a new city’s habitat is never easy. You may or may not be delusional if you feel that everyone is out there to get you and there is no how-to guide for survival except for your guts and experiences. UK folk pop duo Ferris & Sylvester dissects the emotional and mental tension that any newbie feels in a large city in their new single “London Blues.” It’s got a kooky upbeat hook to it that packs a punch of humor, but also the melodic comfort of gliding guitar and basslines that sympathizes with the loneliness that a city can bring. Especially when you feel like an alien:

“This is one of our favourite songs to play live, so it felt only right to include this in our Made In Streatham project. Despite the humming, the clicking and the jolly feel to it, this song is all about those days when you think everyone around you is selfish and out to get you… we love a bit of irony. We wanted the song to sound like an old blues song, with the trumpet and the guitar, but to be really relevant to life in London today. When you move somewhere new for the first time – like London – it’s hard not to observe people and how different their behaviour is from yours or what you’re used to.” explained the duo.

“London Blues” is from Ferris & Sylvester’s upcoming EP Made In Streatham, which will be out on February 2nd. The duo has already been making buzz in BBC Radios and Rolling Stone Magazine with their catchy folk pop. They’ve recently announced a headline show in London, so see them live:

1/11 – Battersea Arts Centre (London, UK)