Spelles Dives Into The Psyche Of Empathetic Heart In “Light Me On Fire”

Tribal pop

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

With her arching voice and grand registers, Spelles takes us into a mesmeric ornate soundscape in her new single “Light Me On Fire.” The beats tremble while Spelles’ arching vocals crescendos over a lush production that is hauntingly exquisite. Spelles delves into the mind of a person who sticks and empathizes with someone, no matter how emotionally contagious it can be. Stream below:

“It’s tough not to be affected by the kind of energy that caring requires. You can choose to either stay and support the person you care about or gracefully distance yourself. This song is about choosing to stay.” explained Spelles.

Co-produced by Sonny DiPerri (Animal Collective, Emma Ruth Rundle), “Light Me On Fire” is from Spelles’ upcoming EP Skeletal Coast I. Although the EP’s title was inspired by an illustration of animal bones and shipwrecks in the coast of Namibia, it is based on her life in Los Angels. Following college, Spelles moved to LA where she wrestled with anxiety and depression. With her EP, Spelles captures her own struggles and addresses the dark side of life that we all need to confront from time to time. Skeletal Coast I will be out in February.