Lydmor Brings Madness In Carnal Form In “Helium High” Ft. Mathola

“When you’re chasing a Helium High / I’m not sure that affection’s pulling you”

Photo: Lydmor: Helium High feat. Mathola YouTube

Danish nu-pop artist Lydmor translates intimate emotions and thoughts into carnal form in her new noir video “Helium High” featuring her friend Mathola. Melodically, the track exhibits minimalism that allows Lydmor’s soft and slithery vocals be the main engine of the song. And despite this approach, “Helium High” feels dense and loaded with emotions that Lydmor shuffles through them at a breakneck speed. Watch the video below:

“I had a very clear visual image of Helium High in mind when I made the video. And since I knew that a lot of the shots would be quite intimate, I decided against doing it with a big crew and pro cameras. The whole video is shot and edited in one long night with my close friend Liv, in a small one room apartment in Copenhagen. We edited it straight after and I love the way you feel the energy of that whole night in the footage. We were two ladies, trying something we’d never tried before, drinking red wine, experimenting, cursing, laughing and urging each other on as the hours passed. It might be because of this that it has become one of my favorite videos of any I’ve ever done.” shared Lydmor.

Being one of the most eccentric musicians in Denmark, Lydmor has already been pushing nu-pop borders by cross-breeding genres and adding her own twist to it. She is also part of Lydmor & Bon Homme, a project she started with Whomadeho’s Tomas Høffding and has already released an album, Seven Dreams of Fire. As of now, Lydmor has a show date coming up:

1/19 – Unknown venue (Groningen, Netherlands)