The Endorphins Takes Us To Electro Dance Blissard In “Enough”

For all of us who cant get enough of the night.

Photo: Amanda Nilsson

Swedish duo The Endorphins nails the timeless, flowy bliss that we often experience during the nocturnal hours when the dancefloor becomes our natural habitat in their new single “Enough.” Coating the rhythmic pop skeleton of their sound with the buoying air of dance music, The Endorphins finds an ethereal ground in “Enough.” Whether you’re indulging in this at a party or savoring the post-night highs the next day, this song captures that mood:

“Enough” is the follow up of the duo’s latest single “Ms. Right Now,” which has already hit a million streams on Spotify. Not much is known about the duo except that they are planning to release more bangers via Majestic Records this year.