Happy Hollows Takes Us Into A Surrealistic Sci-Fi Journey In “On The Wave”

Art rock duo.

Photo: Eric Kelly

Describing their duo as the “unlikeliest of matches, founded by two polar opposites,” Happy Hollows seem like an offbeat collaboration that sounds like a pitch for a dark comedy show. Comprised of Sarah Neghdari and bassist Charlie Mahoney, the two met when Sarah was doing tarot card readings to pay her bills while Charlie was pursuing PhD. But there is no friction in their sound chemistry – on the contrary, it seems like their opposite personas bring a dreamy substance into their sound where Sarah’s flowy vocals seamlessly blend with the chords. The duo recently released their record Concordia back in September 8th and the second video, “On The Wave,” of their sci-fi trilogy. Directed by Josh Anderson, “On The Wave” takes you into a surrealistic journey where futuristic elements and lapses of time make you feel like you’re in a maze-like dream. BUT before you watch the second part, make sure to watch the first part “Feel The Moon” – it will make more sense:

And now the second part “On The Wave”:

Stay tuned for the third part.