Hella Sketchy’s “Rare Gem” Sounds Like It Was Made During A Potfest

Produced by gin$eng

Photo: Hella Sketchy Instagram

Hella Sketchy is some mysterious 16ish teen artist who makes dope lo-fi hip hop tracks that sounds like it was made during a potfest….but it wasn’t cus he’s underage. And we all know that absolutely nobody in America drinks or smokes before the age of 21. Anyways, his latest single, “Rare Gem,” produced by gin$eng exhibits a smooth fieriness where we hear Hella’s voice rapping about someone who is anti-basic. If you’re tired of cliches describing how “unique” someone is like the rest of us, then “Rare Gem” got the right words:

We don’t know much about him except he looks like your typical neighborhood lad who skates around and makes uncomfortable eye contact with you for a long time…without saying hello.