Mae Muller’s “Jenny” Will Teach You How To Prey Players

You neither mess with Mae nor Jenny

Photo: Mae Muller – Jenny YouTube

UK songstress Mae Muller glams up with her crony while passive aggressively giving the bird to playboys in her new video “Jenny.” It is a sleek, seductive pop piece where Mae turns the tables around by bonding with the ‘other’ girl. “I met your girl the other day / We got our nails done” chants Mae. Infused with jazzy elements, “Jenny” exudes a classy serenity that is balanced by rhythmic pop trimmings. This balance lets Mae’s vocal prowess take the spotlight where the slithery and smoky choruses become the hooks of the song. Watch the video below:

“Jenny” is from Mae Muller’s up coming debut EP, After Hours, which will be out on February 6th.