Natali Felicia Already Soundtracked Your Summer Hearbreak With “This Summer Is Cruel”

Slo-mo pop piece.

Photo: Natali Felicia – This Summer Is Cruel YouTube

Swedish songstress Natali Felicia captures the gut-wrenching sensation of getting your heart demolished during summer days in her new video “This Summer Is Cruel.” Granted, we’re still in the middle of the winter BUT the track honestly serves as a heartbreak comforting medium where the siren-like vocals of Natali chants all the broken emotions that is left after a loss/breakup. It also has the mournful, dark air of Lana Del Rey where Natali takes the supposedly ‘happiest’ season of the year and reveals how cruel it can be. Watch the video below:

Shot in vintage noir style, “This Summer Is Cruel” was directed by Joakin Carlsson and created by GOOD Company who also music videos for Beyonce, Kanye West, and Rhianna. Known for her single “Easy Ride,” which accumulated 2.7 million Spotify streams, Natali has quickly made waves in the pop scene with her voice. She is currently working on her debut album.