Aylee’s “UVHAZE” Is For The Torn Troopers In The Battle Of Love Vs. Singledom

“Show me how to lose my mind”

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Scottish poptress Aylee gets torn between two desires in her new single “UVHAZE” – a subtly electropical-infused, pop piece that is polished with trip-hop choruses. The song takes you from the starry-eyed heights of falling for someone to the threatening possibility of losing independence. Built on splashy samples, “UVHAZE” feels like a melodic dive into a sea of outré beat distortions where you hear synths that resemble dolphin cries alongside Aylee’s exquisite vocals. Stream below:

“‘UVHAZE’ is about not knowing what you want and feeling torn between the romantic idea of being with someone and the need to feel independent. It’s about wanting it all – having your cake and eating it too.” shared Aylee.

Formerly known as Eilidh Hadden, Aylee debuted her first single back in 2014 which was used in the opening episode of E4’s TV show, Made In Chelsea. Since then, Aylee’s songs have been featured in BBC radios, Spotify playlists, and MTV. “UVHAZE” is from Aylee’s upcoming self-produced EP, Pure Youth, which she hasn’t disclosed any release dates yet. Stay tuned.