Ferris & Sylvester Puts Us In Yellospective In “Better In Yellow”

All the fun you can have with yellow

Photo: erris & Sylvester – Better In Yellow (Official Video) YouTube

UK duo Ferris & Sylvester gives us a new perspective towards yellow (aka yellospective) with their new video “Better In Yellow” where we see the duo teach us the art of toying with the bright, vibrant color. The video exudes a vintage-y air with its 90s cinematic aesthetics and pastel colors where we see all of our childish adult dreams come true. If you are a kid trapped in an adult body, this is it:

“The video is a dreamy, retro portrayal of the colourful sentiment in the song. We wanted the video to be striking and simple, using bold and clashy colours to get that old TV set vibe. We had so much fun making it. We spent a day throwing paint, punching cakes and chucking glitter around. A massive thank you to everyone involved with the project, especially to the director, Sam Rookes who brought our crazy ideas to life.” shared Ferris & Sylvester.

“Better In Yellow” is from Ferris & Sylvester’s upcoming EP, Made In Streatham, which will be out on February 2nd. They also have a show date coming up:

2/25 – The Magic Room (London, UK)