Lucas & The Woods Speaks To Our Hardwired Human Desire For Company In “Solo”

R&B/pop for our lust for connection

Photo: Courtesy of Lucas & The Woods

Argentinian R&B/pop trio Lucas & The Woods delves into our social psyche to be with others in their new single “Solo.” The lyrics immediately reminds you of Aristotle’s aphorism, “Man is by nature a social animal,” where we hear Lucas bring our subconscious wish for freedom and connection into words. Listening to “Solo,” however, leaves you in an ambivalent state. The upbeat, 80s-influenced melody and chest-swelling ambience rekindles your optimism to connect with new people. At the same time, the lyrics drive you into hermit mode where you start dissecting your vulnerability to loneliness. Listen below:

“La letra de la canción, sin entrar en el debate del consumo, es mas instropectiva y trata principalmente de hacer el esfuerzo para conectar con el otro y escaparle a la soledad.”

“The lyrics of the song, without question, are more introspective and are mainly about trying to make the effort to connect with others and escape loneliness”

Comprised of Lucas Engel (vocals, guitar), Andres Schneir (bass), and Willy Sarmiento (drums), Lucas & The Woods formed back in 2014 and released their self-titled debut EP back in August 2016, which topped #1 in the Alternative Charts of Argentina’s iTunes. They’ll be dropping a new music video for “Solo” soon, so stay tuned.