Sam Renascent Adds His Congolese Roots Into The Pop Arena In “Kobotama”

A refreshing sound of pop

Photo: Courtesy of V2 Records

Sam Renascent takes mainstream pop to a new direction in his debut single “Kobotoma” where he pampers us with Congolese-influenced rhythmic dance of anthemic choruses and hopping synthesizes that sound unlike anything you’ve heard in the pop realm before. “Kobotoma” is undoubtedly a playground where Sam toys with R&B and pop elements by adding his own kooky beats that are trimmed with African accents. Stream below:

Born in Congo but raised in Belgium, Sam Renascent has been living a nomadic life studying at the American Rutgers State University and the Amsterdam Conservtory before he ended up in London to do his masters. “Kobotoma” was co-produced by Steve Osborne (U2, Placebo, Elbow) and Pete Hutchings (Adele, Goldfrapp, Kylie Minogue). Expect to hear more beats from Sam this year.