Black Light White Light’s “Teenage Dream” Is Volcanic Explosion Of Psychedelia & Cosmic Pop

You might get high from this

Photo: Courtesy of Prescription PR

Danish-born, Sweden-based artist Black Light White Light takes us into the explosion of psychedelia, cosmic pop, and ambient rock in his new single “Teenage Dream.” The song is a dense, fuzzed-out soundscape that does not leave you stranded in any half-ass point – it’s the type of song that is all-or-nothing, minus nothing. Taking us to a colossal shower of synths and riffs, “Teenage Dream” sways you into a shimmering darkness in kaleidoscopic fashion. Enjoy below:

Martin Eljertsen is the mastermind behind Black Light White Light who launched this project back in 2015. Drawing influences from cinema (especially David Lynch and Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn), Ejlertsen translates the aesthetic drama and theatricalism into his soundcape. “Teenage Dream” is from Black Light White Light’s upcoming album Horizons, which will be out on March 23rd via Forward Backwards Recordings.