Dedicate Elan Noon’s “False Idols” Ft. Suz To All Of Your Ex-Heroes

The soundtrack of your newsfeed.

Photo: Courtesy of Dali | Total Blam Blam PR

Elan Noon understands that growing up comes with the painful realization how imperfect your heroes are – sometimes to the point that a few of them turn out to be dipshits. We won’t list any names cus you can easily find them trending on Twitter. But we will mention Elan’s latest drop “False Idols” featuring the dreamy and mourning voice of Suz. It’s not the type of whiny mourn, but an introspective one that comes out of realization and the inescapable grief that follows. Set in a fuzzy atmospheric background, “False Idols” is a mellow existential meltdown that we all experience as we grow older…or from our newsfeed:

“False Idols” is from Elan Noon’s upcoming debut record, Have A Spirit Filled, which will be out on January 26th.