REFS’ “Bound To Lose” Is For All Of Us Who’ve Procrastinated Facing Our Doom

Ambient R&B for procrastinators/self-saboteurs

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

REFS is taking R&B to ambient and gospel-like heights with their single “Bound To Lose.” The track is a thoughtful reflection where REFS weigh the impending doom that is weighing on their chest. Heralded by smoky synths and multi-vocal choruses, “Bound To Lose” strikes you as a chill song that is cloaked with breakneck riffs and intense progression. Stream below:

“‘Bound to Lose’ is a song for all those who have ever tried to drink, smoke, or fuck away the inevitable.” shared REFS.

Comprised of Richard Saunders (vocals) and Zachary Lipkins (production), REFS is a NYC-based duo who have already been making waves in the indietronica scene with their work such as “Boarding It Up.” They’ve been songsmithing diligently during 2017, so expect more new tunes from the duo to drop.