LA Rock Lottery Unveil First Round Of Musicians

25 musicians come together & become 5 new bands.

If you ever wondered what would happen if certain drummer/bassist/frontman/etc. swapped places with other band members, then LA Rock Lottery* is the answer to this lifelong dilemma. Taking place on Saturday, February 10th at The Echo, this one-day event will bring 25 musicians together and place them into five different groups through lottery selection. Here’s how it’s gonna work:

– The drummers will be designated as captains of each group so each band will have at least a drummer

– Each band will get assigned a rehearsal place near The Echo

– They will have a total of 12 hours to create a new moniker and 3-5 songs. They can only do one cover

– They’ll perform those songs starting at 10pm

– You will witness the birth of a new band (or nightmare) onstage

Below is the list of participating drummers/bands:

Alex Estrada Silver Snakes

Andrew Martin Moon Honey

Brian Kesley Joseph / Maggie Rogers

Charlie Overbey Custom Made Scare / The Broken Arrows / Deadbolt

David Clifford Red Sparowes / Jail Weddings / Pleasure Forever / The VSS

David Pacheco Thee Commons

Evan Weiss Sparks / Junk / Wires On Fire / GIRLS

Jake Courtois Patients / Courtois

Jared Tankel The Budos Band

Joe McGarry Pop Noir

Kelcey Ayer Local Natives / Jaws of Love / Leslie Stephens

Max Bernstein Kesha / Demi Lovato / Krewella / The Actual

Mikal Cronin Mikal Cronin / Ty Segall Band

Mike Watt The Minutemen / fIREHOSE / The Stooges

Patty Schemel Hole / Upset

Roger Brogan Spectrum (UK) / Luna

Ryan Wilson Division Day / The Little Ones

Tiffany Preston Rainbow Arabia

The event will benefit Inner City Arts.

Tickets are on sale now.

*Rock Lottery started out back in 1997 by Chris Weber in Denton, TX to raise money for charity. For the past two decades, Rock Lottery has expanded to other cities including Seattle, Brooklyn, and North Texas. The event has featured 800 musicians including acts such as Blondie, Father John Misty, Fleet Foxes, M83, Ra Ra Riot, and many more.