Delve Into The Surrealistic Side Of House With Eric Sharp’s New EP

Meet the euphonious offspring of Eric and his cronies.

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Los Angeles-based producer/DJ Eric Sharp has finally dropped his EP, Eric Sharp & Friends, and it is a therapeutic four-track journey into the surreal world of house. Constructed in staccato waves, the EP showcases warped synths and rustling samples that flow in lengthy stretches. Almost every track has lightness to it – even the last one “Too Much” ft. French Horn Rebellion starts off with some weight that quickly dissipates as Eric amplifies the sonic buoyancy. The EP features collabs from Zhao, Wild & Free, and French Horn Rebellion. Enjoy the EP below:

“It’s hard for me to take in my productions with a fresh ear, but hopefully on first listen people will hear the tracks as warm, inviting, and hypnotic. My goal is to draw people in my world sonically to have their own experience, and for this purpose, an EP is a better avenue than a single would have been,” shared Eric.

Eric Sharp & Friends is out now via Little Assembly and available on Spotify + iTunes. And if you happen to be in LA at the end of this month, go holla at him:

1/27 – Sound Nightclub (Los Angeles, CA, USA)