Zach Callison Declares “War!” On Mainstream Hip Hop & Rock

Not your basic rock/hip hop.

Photo: Courtesy of Magic Tree Productions

LA-based artist Zach Callison takes us into a breakneck Hollywood love affair in his new single “War!” where he catapults our adrenalines with his intense rap verses and feisty rock beats. Zach pushes both the boundaries of mainstream rock and hip-hop by seamlessly swishing from one genre to another, while overpouring us with adrenaline. The bluesy elements give “War!” a subtle smokiness to it that gives us suspenseful interludes amidst the chaotic beats. Stream below:

“War!” is from Zach Callison’s upcoming EP, A Picture Perfect Hollywood Hearbreak, which will be out this year. If Zach sounds familiar you’re not imagining things. Aside from music, Zach is also an actor/voice actor and was the voice of Steven on Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe. He also played the villain Chuck from Amazon Studios’ Just Add Magic. As of now, Zach hasn’t shared any tour dates yet but stay tuned.