Hedegaard Takes Us Into An Aquarellic Odyssey In “Salvation” Ft. JRM & Katie Pearlman

Your auditory & visual salvation

Photo: Courtesy of Copenhagen Records

Hedegaard’s “Salvation” featuring JRM and Katie Pearlman is visually, to say the least, colorporn. Emanating the desire for love through the images of planets and flowers, fluid motion, and watercolors, “Salvation” is visually mind stretching where we witness the birth of grand-sized imageries out of small elements. The song is a hybridization of poignant synthpop and trip hop that take us from swelling thumps to swishing waves. The celestial vocal chords of JRM and Katie Pearlman pour out the restlessness that comes with the desire for love. Watch the lyric video below:

“Salvation” is now available worldwide and is the follow up of Hedegaard’s lates sngle “Ready To Love You,” which was released back in October 20. As of now, Hedegaard hasn’t announced any tour or record dates yet, but stay tuned.