Kevin George Takes Us Into The Dark Fumes Of R&B In “High Like This”

Dedicated to all of us who’ve used treats to numb heartache

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Have you ever been rejected by someone when you were 20? Endless bitching, some regrettable Tweets, and maybe Tinder came out of it. But for Kevin George, a song came out of it. The 20-year-old rising musician has debuted his track “High Like This” – a dark, psychedelic twist in modern R&B that uses minimal embellishments. The searing lyrics cut through the soul-infused samples and beats while Kevin’s smoky vocals heighten the isolation and mental fogginess that comes with numbing a heartbreak using treats…from the streets:

“‘High Like This’ came to me during a dark time in my life,” explained Kevin. “It felt like my world was closing in on me. This girl turned me down & that’s what came out .”

The song is from Kevin’s upcoming debut project LOVELAND, so stay tuned for that.


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